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The composition of body oil

Apr 27, 2022 Shero Classroom
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The body oil

What is body oil? Body oil is basically an oil-based body care product to hydrate or prevent skin dryness. It can be used below the neck area of the body. In general, there are two types of oil that can become the base of body oil products: mineral oils and plant oils.

/Mineral oil/

Mineral oil is petrolatum-derived colorless and odorless oil. Though it has been highly purified when used in the beauty industry, many still avoid using it due to its origin.
The pros of mineral oil
The cost of mineral oil is rather low, which is more suitable for those who would like to create a body oil for the mass market.
The cons of mineral oil
The molecule of mineral oil is rather large. Because of this property, it sits on the top of the skin instead of penetrating into the deep layers of the skin. Though there's no scientific proof the show that it clogs the pores, many have already believed so. This is how it gets a bad reputation.

/Plant oil/

It is easy to tell from the name that plant oil is derived from plants. There are various types of plant oils that are used in the beauty industry, such as cold-pressed vegetable oils, nut oils, and seed oils.
The pros of plant oil
Plant-based oils are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. All of these ingredients above are good for the skin. They not only help to strengthen the skin barrier, increase the skin elasticity, slow down the skin aging process, etc. Furthermore, it can be highly absorbed by the skin and penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.
The cons of plant oil
The cost of plant oils is obviously higher than mineral oil. Though it allows a luxurious product experience for the customers, the cost of the product will raise.

The formulation of body oil

The formulas of body oil can be divided into two types: mineral oil-based body oil and plant oil-based body oil.
Mineral oil-based body oil
For mineral oil-based body oil, normally, the formulas contain mineral oil and other skincare ingredients, such as aloe vera, vitamin E, almond oil, etc.
Botanical oil-based body oil
For plant oil-based body oil formulas, in general, are blend plant oils. Different plant based oil have diverse skincare properties. For example, lavender oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisture balance properties, tea tree oil is notable for its antiseptics properties, coconut oil famous for its wound healing properties, etc. Since the plant oils themselves have multiple skincare properties, when mixing them together, there's no need for plant based body oil to add extra skincare ingredients. Contact us!