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Mascara, a potential cosmetic item

Mar 15, 2021 Beauty Trend
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Why do you use mascara?

Mascara could help....
The pros of using mascara are to thicken, lengthen, and define the eyelashes.

Mascara could be divided into 3 types according to the texture: liquid, powder, and cream. And the most common type of mascara we could see out there is the liquid one in a tube. No matter what kind of mascara you prefer, the ingredients are basically the same: pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives.
Nowadays, we can find various colors of mascara on the market. Among all colors, black is still the most popular of all. The ingredient of black pigmentation is similar to the ancient Egyptians' one by use of iron oxides. Some also contain ultramarine blue.
Oils, waxes, etc
According to the mascara's desired effects, such as water-resistant mascara, lengthening mascara, curling mascara, oils and waxes' choice would be different.

Among diverse oil types, linseed oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, lanolin, sesame oil, and turpentine oil are the common mascara oil-based. And for the waxes, paraffin wax, carnauba wax, and beeswax are usually found as mascara wax-based.

History of mascara

The history of mascara can be dated to as early as 4000 BC, documented in ancient Egypt. According to the record, ancient Egyptians used kohl to darken eyelashes, eyelids, and eyebrows, which is believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the soul for both men and women. But nowadays, women are the majority of the popularity to use mascara.

Global Mascara Market

The global mascara market has been regarded as a healthy growing market and is expected to emerge as the leading one in the forecast period between 2021-2026. Europe is anticipated to be the dominant of the mascara market by a market value of USD 3,000 million, which is 30% of the global market share; following by North America who is anticipated to procure the second-largest mascara market share with a predicted CAGR of 6.53%.

The analysis number shows that mascara is one of the potential items to create as your beauty line products. Find Out More