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The difference between SPF and PA

Feb 19, 2021 Shero Classroom
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/The difference between SPF and PA/

Do you really know the difference between SPF, PA, and PPD? This is certainly the crucial point to choose the right sunscreen for you.
Before getting deeper into SPF, PA, and PPD, it's better to understand what's UVB and UVA. These are the two types of ultraviolet rays in the sunlight that reach the earth's surface.

Your skin might turn red and may even run into sunburn because of UVB rays. And for UVA rays, it penetrates even deeper into your skin. It's the main reason to cause your skin aging.
To protect yourself from skin cancer, you need to be aware of UVB rays. In this case, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is what you need to check out. SPF will follow with a number. For example, using SPF 15 suncream can prevent your skin from sunburn 15 times longer than not using. And for SPF 30, it's twice better than SPF 15.

For PPD(Persistent Pigment Darkening) and PA(Protection Grade of UV-A), they are almost the same. Except PPD is followed by a number and PA is followed by "+". Using sunscreen with PPD or PA function could help your skin getting away from aging and getting dark. PPD 2 means that it takes 2 times longer for your skin to get tan and aging. PPD 2 -4 equals PA+and PPD4-6 equals PA++. With the bigger number and more plus sign means more protection from the UVA rays.

In conclusion, check SPF for UVB rays to get away from skin cancer; pay attention to PPD or PA to keep your skin youthful and bright. Find Out More