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Dunaliella Salina - the miracle life in the saline lack

Mar 18, 2021 Ingredient knowledges
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/Dunaliella Salina/

Pretty pinky alga
Dunaliella Salina belongs to the green algae family. It's a kind of unicellular, biflagellated, pear-shaped cells. But don't be cheated by the name of green alga. Even though D. Salina is in the green algae family, it's actually lovely pink!

D. Salina could be found in the saline lack because of its hyper halotolerance. It can survive in a high salinity environment by accumulating glycerol to balance osmotic pressure. D. Salina produces β-carotene in high amounts, up to 12% of dry matter. Due to the immense production of β-carotene, D. Salina is also adapted to high solar radiation (>30 °C) and against ionizing energy. Thanks to the high content of β-carotene, D. Salina is also attractive to biotechnologists for commercial purposes.

D. Salina is used in the cosmetics industry to supply β-carotene and vitamin B12 to the skin. It also acts as a natural antioxidant to protect skin from free radical damage. Personalized your own product!