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  • Cosmetics Packaging Box
  • Custom Boxes
  • Double-Sided Mailer Box
  • Corrugated Box Types
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Cosmetics Packaging Box
  • Custom Boxes
  • Double-Sided Mailer Box
  • Corrugated Box Types
  • Secondary Packaging

Cosmetics Packaging Box

Shero provides paper lipstick, lip gloss, compact. jar, boxes and more.

/ Equipment, Production Capabilities & Quality Control is the only things we care. /

Every year Shero teams continue to invest in equipment, researching and exploring the best the industry has to offer. This is the reason why Shero Team has added new technologies so we can be a single source for many customers. Find more about paper compacts

/ Different Types of Paper. /

There are variety of types of paper for cosmetics paper product use, for adapting to specific applications or the target market. Each type has specific properties in terms of composition, production and handling. It is important to be familiar with each one of them before choosing the material for a project.

/ Variety of different secondary processing. /

You can choose lots of different secondary processing to make your design unique, such as Hot stamping, Fragrance Ink, Matte/Gloss PP Lamination, Embossing/Debossing, Textured Ink, Glittering, Matte/Gloss UV, Varnish. Find more about design!

Custom Boxes

Shero Team provides the best quality of paper products, no matter what you're looking for, you can find the most reliable and innovative design in the industry.

/ Custom box is the best signature for the brand. /

Start your unique/custom project from the following situation.
1. I need a structural design collaborator.
2. I need specs and need a production partner.
3. I have a product, service or idea that need a package.

Shero team is your first seasoned Packaging Consultant or Project Manager is your first point of contact. We will extract all the necessary information to start to create a design Request.

The information we need from you are:
1. The size of outer box?
2. The size of inner box?
3. What product you want to put in this box?
4. What kind of secondary processing you would like to add?
5. The extra needed (Protection, texture, launch date, quantity, special inquiries, and budget targets!)

/ Variety of different type paper and texture. /

You can choose lots different type of paper to make your product with different texture. For example, kraft paper, coated paper, art paper, leather paper, textured paper, etc. Contact Us!

Double-Sided Mailer Box

Unboxing experiences are becoming more and more important for purchasing. Shero wants to ensure your customers got beautifully branded packaging that was 100% you, inside and out.

/Get Inspired/

Double-sided printing means double space to print for delightful and informative interior messages.

/Unboxing impression/

Unboxing experience has become increasingly important nowadays. Online purchasing has been anticipated to reach 48% of all beauty sales by 2023. Double-sided printing could help to get an entire branding experience.

/Communicate with the customers/

The outside printing usually shows the logo, icon, and symbolic colors. And the inside can print the phrase or words the brand would like to express to the customers to build a solid bridge between the customers and the brand. Contact us!

Corrugated Box Types

Corrugated boxes are commonly used in the cosmetic industry. How to choose the right corrugated boxes to protect the products is an important issue, especially for E-business.

/Different types of corrugated according to the boxes layer/

Classified by the layer of the boxes, there are mainly four types of corrugated boxes: single-phase, single wall, double wallboard, and triple wallboard. Different types of corrugated boxes are used in various industries for a different levels of protection.

Single-phase corrugated boxes are commonly used to wrap around the products or cushioning. Triple wallboard boxes are the strongest of all types. It is mainly used in the packaging of industrial parts.

/Different flute types corrugated boxes/

Except for the layer difference, corrugated boxes can also be classified by the flute types. From type A to type F, different type of flute has different functions.

Type A has 36 flutes per square foot with a thickness of 1/4 which is excellent for packing fragile items. And type F has 124 flutes per foot with a thickness of 1/32 which is good for crush resistance. Contact us!

Secondary Packaging

Secondary Packaging can also be 100% customized.

/ Your only limit is your mind, feature of designs are limitless! /

Whether the size of your products, custom retail packaging morphs to fit your needs. You can customize the dimension to beautifully display and protect your products.