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  • Makeup Options
  • Sunscreen Options
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Makeup Options

For nearly 20 years, the Shero team, which consists of experts such as cosmetologists, biochemists, and pharmacists, has been conducting R&D to design and manufacture high-quality natural cosmetic formulas and ingredients.

/ All color formulations /

All of our cosmetic products are not only high-quality, but also vegan and cruelty-free.
We provide a full range of makeup products, from lipstick to foundation, and we are familiar with the latest market data to assist you in creating hot-selling products in your local market.

/The color of tomorrow is here/

To provide our customers with the latest colors that are always ahead of the trend, Shero dedicates 5% to 10% of our turnover to research innovative cosmetic formulations every year.

Sunscreen Options

Want to launch your sunscreen line?
Check what we have for you to choose!

/We have all kinds of sunscreen/

What type of sunscreen would you prefer? Chemical, mineral, tinted, or reef-safe?
Do you have any specific requirements for UV protection?
Regardless of your preferences, we can meet all your needs! Know more about UV protection level!

/ Reef-safe sunscreen is the new trend in our life!/

As our awareness of eco-friendly living increases, we aim to reduce the impact of contamination on our planet. Reef-safe sunscreen not only protects our water resources, but also our marine life!

Contact us to customize your very own reef-safe sunscreen. What is reef-safe sunscreen?

Ingredient Options

Please let us know which ingredients you would like us to add to our product formulas to meet your specific skincare needs.

/ Know more about ingredients/

The ingredients used in our product formulas determine their function. For example, Centella Asiatica is used for skin repair, and tea tree oil is used for anti-inflammation.

If you are looking for natural, vegan, or cruelty-free products, then the ingredients used in the products are crucial in determining whether they meet your requirements. Know more about Centella Asiatica!

/Choose the ingredients you want for your products/

If you would like to create your own product series based on specific ingredients, please contact us to customize the formulas. Whether you would like to add lavender for its relaxing properties or sodium hyaluronate for extra hydration, we can adjust the formulas according to the ingredients you specify. Contact us!

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