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Tinted Sunscreen

A multifunctional foundation to simplify the makeup process.

Tinted Sunscreen

What is tinted sunscreen?
Tinted sunscreen is a combination of sunscreen and pigmentation.
It combines the benefits of sunscreen and foundation.
Gathering with the properties of protecting the skin from UV rays and adding a sheer hint of color to the complexion, tinted sunscreen has become one of the popular UV protection products.

BB & CC Cream

Make the makeup process easy.
BB & CC Cream are designed to fulfill different needs at once. They are multipurpose products which combine makeup and skincare in a single formula.

BB Cream mainly provides coverage, whereas CC Cream puts emphasis on color correcting. Depending on the ingredients and formulas, both of these products can be used as a:
- Primer
- Concealer
- Foundation
- Highlighter
- Moisturizer
- Mattifying product
- Skincare treatment
- Sunscreen

These multi-tasking products are definitely the best choices if you're in a rush in the morning. They can help you to save time and still keep you as glory as always. Contact us!





Can be customized

Skin Type

All skin types

Skincare ingredients

Can be customized

UV Rating

Can be customized


Chemical sunscreen base, Mineral sunscreen base


Private label, White label