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  • Primer
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Build a canvas for the makeup!


The base for makeup
Primer is used as a base to improve the rest of the makeup application. It's a preparatory product applied after the skincare and the start step for the makeup. It helps to prepare the skin in the best situation and create an ideal canvas to hold onto whatever makeup comes afterward.

Primers in various functions

There are many different functions' primer products out there. Primers can be used to treat different needs, for example, smooth out pores, create a base for long-lasting makeup, manage oily skin, prevent excessive shine, boost hydration with SPF and UVA protection, etc.

It exists in formulas from cream, gel to powder. In sum, primer gets you a good start for makeup. Except for the makeup setting step, primer is another key point to prolong the makeup lifespan. Contact us!



Mattifying primer, Hydrating primer, Color-correcting primer, Blurring primer


Can be customized


Moisturizing, Smoothing out pores, Managing oily skin, UV rays protection, etc.


Can be customized


Private label, White label