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  • Liquid Eyebrow Pen
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Liquid Eyebrow Pen

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Liquid Eyebrow Pen

Create a delicate and natural brow hairs.


Liquid eyebrow pen, or we called liquid eyebrow pencil and marker, or micro blading brow pen. It is often mistaken for liquid liner because of its packaging. This brow product could etch on strokes and mimic the individual brow hairs.

The staying power of a liquid eyebrow pen is incredible for oily skin types and those who live in humid weather.

The applicator exists in a single tip and micro-fork tip. Both of them help to create a natural and vivid brow look.


The reason why this brow product is called a microblading brow pen is that it is long-lasting from 24 hours to even couple of days depending on the formulas.

How to use the brow pen?

We need to make sure that our brows are clean, dry, and without any other products before applying the brow pen if you want the ink to adhere properly to the skin. Anything on the skin would stand in the way of creating a nice brow look with a brow pen. Once the ink sits well on the skin, you are guaranteed to show everyone your adorable brow look without being afraid that the product will move or fade in hours and days. Contact us!


Head Type

Standard, 4 point, four-pronged head, Micro-Fork Tip Applicator

Water Resistance

Water proof, Non water-proof


Can be customized


Can be customized


Private label, White label