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Lip Products

A lip color that stays day & night!

Lip Tint

The word "Tint" originally means "a light or pale coloration. " A lip tint typically has a liquid or gel base, or even a mousse texture sometimes. Have you ever tried a cherry flavor popsicle? The color get on your lips is just the look you'll be getting with a lip tint.

Lip tint is with sheer texture and gives a natural look. Even if the tint comes off, the pigment still stays lightly on the lips.

If you would like to know more about the packaging, please check the lip gloss page for further information.

Lip Stain

Lip Stain provides subtle flush of colors.
Lip stain stains the lips. Rather than just forming a layer over the lips, the color of the lip stain will be absorbed by the skin.

Unlike liquid lipstick and lipstick, lip stain is a water-based lip product. Dyes are used to give color and tint the lips; whereas, the water is to make the lip stain absorbed by the skin easily. This make the lip stain stays long on the lips.

In general, there are two finish options for the lip stain: Glossy and Matte. Glossy stains usually rely on shinny ingredients, such as mica, to show the shinny effect. As the time pass, the shinny overlay will come off but the pigment will stay.

Lip Lacquer

Non-sticky, highly pigmented lip gloss
"Lacquer" is originally used as a coating for an object to have a smooth and glossy finish. Lip lacquer has kept the original feature of "Lacquer"; it has a thick and creamy consistency with a glossy texture to give the lips a sheen look. It is also a non-sticky and highly pigmented lip makeup product which is similar to liquid lipstick.

Lip lacquer has become more and more popular today thanks to its various choice of shades. It is long-lasting for hours. If wanted, it is possible to add lip care ingredients into lip lacquer to make it more moisturizing and high class.

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Product Types

Lip Tint, Lip Stain, Lip Lacquer


Liquid base, Gel base, Water base, Thick liquid, Creamy


Traditional dyes, natural dyes


Can be customized


Private label, White label