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Lip Liner

Lip Pencil

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Lip Pencil

Defining the lips with lip pencil!

Lip Pencil (Lip Liner)

How to use lip liner?
Lip pencil, also known as lip liner, is composed of waxes, oils, and pigment. Lip pencil acts as a primer to define the shape of the lips. It is used to fill in uneven areas and overline the thin lips on the outer edges before applying lipstick to give a smoother and fulness shape. It can also outline the lips and prevent "bleeding" or "feathering" when using lipstick. Lip pencil is formulated to be long-wearing; if wanted, lip liner could also serve as a lipstick to fill in the entire lips.
Lip liner comes in versatile shades and formulas, just like lipstick. It also comes in invisible shades to give the illusion of smooth lips without adding or affecting the color. Lip liner usually comes in a deeper pigmented than lipstick, making them suitable for drawing on the lips with precision. And because of the heavy pigment, lip liner contains less oil and more wax and pigment than lipstick. For the wax, japan wax is a popular choice for the lip liner. Contact us!



Creamy texture


Can be customized


retractable tube, pencil


Can be customized


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