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Uniform the skin tone with foundation!

What does foundation do?

Foundation is used to create an even, uniform skin tone, cover flaws, and sometimes change the natural skin color. This product acts as a groundwork for the makeup look. A good foundation helps to cover the imperfections of the skins or even gives your skin a second-life appearance.

Different Types Of foundation

Different textures
In general, foundation can be divided into 5 types.
- Liquid foundation
- Cream foundation
- Powder foundation
- Serum foundation
- Water-based foundation

Each foundation type is suitable for different skin types. For liquid foundation, it's suitable for all skin types. Cream foundation is good for super dry skin type. Oily skin type might choose powder foundation as their favorite. Serum foundation contains ingredients to hydrate the skin. And Water-based foundation is the best choice for acne-prone skin types.

Click the link below to know more about different types of foundations in detail. More info about foundations


Sheer coverage(Light coverage): It is used for someone who already has minor imperfections on the complexions or wants to keep their natural skin tone.
Medium coverage: This type of foundation conceals some imperfections while still keeping the original skin's real feeling.
- Full coverage: This is the highest level of foundation coverage. It helps to hide the visible blemishes and leaving the skin with a flawless canvas. Some foundation formulas can even hide tattoos.


In general, there are 3 finishes for foundation: Natural, Matte, and Dewy. If wanted, we can also customize the foundation with shimmer and glow formulas. Contact us!



Liquid, Powder, Cream, Stick, Mineral Powder, BB Cream, CC Cream,


Can be customized


Matte, Dewy, Natural, Shimmer, etc.


Light coverage, Medium coverage, Full coverage


Can be customized


Private label, White label