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Gel Eyeliner

Eyeliner Gel

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Eyeliner Gel

Want to create a dramatic and noticeable eyeline? Give gel eyeliner a try!

Eyeliner Gel

Usually comes in a little jar with opaque gel formula; gel eyeliner could create versatile look. Smouldering smokey eyes? Check! Edgy cut crease look? Fierce cat eye? Check!

It is a long-lasting formula, even with waterproof and smudge-proof features. Gel eyeliner should be applied with a brush. The finer the brush is, the more control when applying the makeup.

The effect of eyeliner gel

Eyeliner gel creates a richer color than the eyeliner pencil and a softer finish than liquid eyeliner. With its thick and creamy texture, it is suitable for a dramatic and noticeable makeup look.

Though eyeliner gel allows a dramatic makeup look, it creates a softer outline in comparison to liquid eyeliner. The color of eyeliner gel is not as dark as the liquid liners, but with more color intensity and payoff. Contact us!





Can be customized


Can be customized


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