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Eyebrow Pencil

Define the eyebrows however you like.

Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil is one color cosmetic product for brows. It is used to fill in and define the eyebrows. In general, it is made of oils, waxes and pigments.

Eyebrow pencil is good for applying fine, hair-like strokes and looks realistic. The finish of the product is creamy and a little bit waxy. Easy to use and easy to control than other brow makeup products, it is definitely suitable for newbies, and of course, for those who are advanced makeup lovers.


Eyebrow pencil usually comes in wooden or retractable plastic packaging. The retractable packagings are often with a sponge or a comb on the other side of the pencil. The sponge helps blend the color and make the brow look more natural, whereas the comb helps set the brow hair in place.

Different types of tips for brow pencil

Except for the pigment and the packaging of the brow pencil, the tip type is also a crucial point for brow pencils.

There are normally 4 types of tips for brow pencils out there: pointed tip, ultra-thin pointed tip, triangle tip, and flat tip.
Pointed tip
The pointed tip usually comes up with a wooden packaging type. It could become as sharper as you wish with the sharpener. It's good to use in mimicking natural brow hair.

Ultra-thin pointed tip

The ultra-thin pointed tip allows a precise outline and filling. This kind of tip helps to go into detail in creating smaller brows.
Triangle tip
The triangle tip also called the angled tip, allows us to finish the brow look as quickly as possible. With the angle, the shape complies well with the brow ridge, making us easier to outline the brows.
Flat tip
The flat tip is suitable for outlining the arches of the brows. It can also help to fill the spares of the hair in detail. Contact us!



Retractable Pen, Wooden

Duo head eyebrow pencil

Sponge, Comb


Can be customized


Can be customized


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