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  • Cushion Foundation
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Easy-to-carry Foundation

Cushion Foundation

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Cushion Foundation

Soft, bouncy, and saturated with a potent foundation formula!

Cushion Foundation

A cushion foundation is a liquid form foundation housed in a compact in a sponge. It is mess-free and easy-to-carry all around. This handy item can be toted around anywhere to create a smooth and seamless skin in just a few swipes away.
The formulas
The formulas is similar to the liquid foundation which comes in a bottle or a tube. Cushion foundations are light to medium in terms of coverage. Adding with extra skincare ingredients is possible.
A total makeup game changer!
If you're looking for a natural makeup look, cushion foundation is the one you're looking for. Dabbing foundation on the skin with the applicator can create a flawless-looking finish. With cushion foundations, you don't need to worry about makeup separation anymore. Contact us!



liquid foundation in a cushion compact


Can be customized


Matte, Dewy,

UV Protection Rating

Can be customized


Can be customized


Private label, White label