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The crucial makeup product to even the skin tone.


What is concealer used for?
Similar to foundation, concealer is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, small blemishes and acne, and visible scars on the skin. This product helps to uniform the color of the skin.
The texture of concealer
The texture is thicker to achieve full coverage. Concealer can be used alone or with a foundation. In general, the color tends to be heavily pigmented. It exists in different forms from liquid to powder.
Different shades for different usage
The shades of concealers are various. Different colors are for different purposes. For example, yellow undertones are used to hide dark circles. Green and blue can counteract red patches on the skin. A purple-tinted concealer can make sallow complexions look brighter. And pink can make your skin looks healthier. Contact us!



Cream, Liquid, Stick, Cream to powder, Color-correcting


Can be customized


Can be customized


Private label, White label