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Eye Mask

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Eye Mask

Why is eye care necessary?

Eye care is important than you think!
To find out one's age, some studies detect the skin under the eyes to guess the right age because the skin around the eyes shows the most dramatic effect during skin aging.

The skin around our eyes is thin. As a result, there is less collagen to support our skin around the eyes and leads to skin sagging, wrinkling, and causing dark circles under the eyes. Nowadays, our eyes tend to get tired quickly because of the technology effect; and this is another reason to accelerate the skin aging problems around the eyes. Because of its' frailness, eye care has become necessary for the skincare process.

Eye Mask

Except for the natural aging problem, the sunlight, staying up late, caffeine in the afternoon will also lead the skin around the eyes to a bed situation. Staying hydrated is the only way to keep your eye area's skin soft and plump. To moisturize the skin around the eyes promptely, an eye mask is the most recommended choice for all.

A reminder for all, to create eye care products, it's better for you to know who's your Target Audience first. The eye care product's formulas are different because of the need of varying age consumers. Create an eye care product for your skincare line!



Under eye mask, hydrogel eye mask, peptide eye mask


Anti-aging, Lifting, Anti-dark circle, Moisturizing


Can be customized