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  • Hydro Plus Tencel Invisible Sheet Mask
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Tencel Sheet Mask

Hydro Plus Tencel Invisible Sheet Mask

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Hydro Plus Tencel Invisible Sheet Mask

Light as the second layer of the skin

The material Hydro Plus Tencel is as comfortable as cotton, as strong as artificial fiber, and as soft as the silk. The skin would feel pressureless and can breathe freely with a Hydro Plus Tencel sheet mask.

Adhesive to the skin

Hydro Plus Tencel is adhesive and leaves no space between the mask and the skin. With a special technic, this material produces a jelly-like substance while soaking in the essence and shrinking the material to make it cling well to the skin.


Hydro Plus Tencel is made with 100% natural and recyclable material. Added with ZERO chemical substance during the production, this material is 100% chemical-free. In addition, it is biodegradable and is friendly to the environment. Contact us!



92% Tencel, Algae, Alginic acid




Single Layer

Types of functions

Hydration, Repairing, Anti-aging


Can be customized