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  • QQ Fabric Sheet mask
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QQ Fabric Sheet mask

Chemical-free Spunlace

The QQ fabric sheet mask is made of a material called Spunlace. Spunlace is a nonwoven fabric, based on the bonding by waterjets of the carded web. It doesn't need chemical substances during the production process because the entangling of the fibers and the friction between the web's fibers yields a cohesive web.

Soft and Strength

Due to the production process, it makes the Spunlace nonwoven fabrics with physical properties of softness, stretchiness, and good strength.

Multilayer nonwoven fabrics

The Spunlace nonwoven fabrics can be made in multilayers, with 4 layers maximum. It could bind with different fibers, such as polyester, cotton, and viscose. This is the reason why the QQ fabric sheet can endure the stretch and pull acting as a facial sheet mask.

Adhesive to the skin

The QQ fabric could lock the moisture in the fibers. It wraps all the moisture in the fabric with good absorption properties. As the result, the fabric dries slowly, which makes the facial mask stick to the skin without dropping easily. Contact us!



Rayon, Poly



Types of functions

Hydration, Repairing, Anti-aging


Can be customized