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  • Color Clay Sheet Mask
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Color Clay Sheet Mask

A new game-changer

Color clay sheet mask
The clay sheet mask is a combination of clay mask and sheet mask. It helps to mask the applying process of clay mask easier.

No worries about the bacterial growth

One pack per piece, no worries about the bacterial growth in the pot.

The choice of the clay

The is no limit to the choice for the clay mask. No matter volcanic clay, glacial mud, kaolin clay, etc., you can decide the clay you like.

Travel-friendly clay mask

No need to carry a heavy pot in the bag for traveling. Just grab one pack of the color clay sheet mask, and it's good to go! Contact us!



Clay Mask



Types of functions

Soothing, Repairing, Detoxing, Anti-aging, Cleansing, Hydrating


Can be customized