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  • Bemliese™ Facial Sheet Mask
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Biodegradable Facial Sheet Mask

Bemliese™ Facial Sheet Mask

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Bemliese™ Facial Sheet Mask

An excellent choice for eco-friendly and hydration facial sheet mask.


Bemliese™ is a material made with naturally derived material. Because of its combination, it is highly biodegradable. If you would like to choose an eco-friendly sheet mask, Bemliese™ would be an excellent choice for the face mask material.
reference: AsahiKASEI
reference: AsahiKASEI

High liquid absorption ability

Bemliese™ has an excellent absorptivity for liquid. It can hold 13 times the liquid of its weight.
reference: AsahiKASEI
reference: AsahiKASEI

Incredibly adhesive

Bemliese™ has excellent adhesion to the skin. When it comes to a facial sheet mask, it clings tightly to the skin.
reference: AsahiKASEI
reference: AsahiKASEI

Long fiber, low lint

Bemliese™ is made with long fiber material. Compared to many short fiber materials, it reduces significantly lint. Because of this property, it becomes an excellent face sheet mask material that won't stick lint to the skin while taking off the mask from the face.

Low electrostatic charge

The liquid contained in the Bemliese™ filament helps to release static electricity into the air. Benefits from this property, Bemliese™ made face sheet masks have less possibility to get electrostatic charge.
reference: AsahiKASEI
reference: AsahiKASEI

High Purity

With the impurity extraction test, we could see that compared to the other materials, Bemliese™ retains neat and clean after a period of time exposing to the air. Contact us!






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