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  • Peel Off Clay Masks
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Peel Off Clay Mask

Peel Off Clay Mask

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Peel Off Clay Masks

/ Reburn, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing. /

-Rich in mineral
Clay particles are very tiny and are charged with microelectronic. They have excellent ability of cleaning which can easily absorb impurities and remove oil from the skin. Giving the skin a healthy glow in a short time.

-Good for improving skin condition
Naturally cleansing and purifying
Exfoliates for smoother skin
Particularly good for oily skin

Formulas Type - Natural Taiwanese Activated Carbon

Natural Taiwanese Activated Carbon is highly and deep cleaning while absorbing sebum.
/ Easy / Clean / Beauty /

1. Polyvinyl alcohol
It helps form the mask in order to remove acne effectively.

It is natural carbon extracted from Taiwan, which is deep cleansing.

3. NO industrial glue
Some of blackhead removal products with strong glue which would hurt pore.
Soothing peel-off mask
Soothing peel-off mask
Detoxifying peel-off mask
Detoxifying peel-off mask
Clarifying peel-off mask
Clarifying peel-off mask

/ There's more we can provide for Peel Off Clay Mask. /

Shero team's Peel Off Masks are gentle yet efficacious. There are many types of Peel Off Masks that can be found in Shero's lis, also you still can customized yours.


Formulas Type

Natural Taiwanese Activated Carbon or more you can choose.

Main Ingredients

Polyvinyl alcohol, Activated CHARCOAL POWDER, NO industrial glue


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