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  • Powder Cleanser
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Cleansing Powder

Powder Cleanser

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Powder Cleanser

A cleanser that comes in powder.

Want to have a new option for cleansers?

Powder cleanser is going to change your world
Powder cleanser is how it sounds like, a cleanser that comes in a powder form. It's a cleanser which can bring away the dirt and exfoliating at the same time.

The benefits of powder cleanser

Powder cleanser is easy to conserve because it is made without water. Thanks to this property, all active ingredients of powder cleanser remain potent and undiluted. Powder cleanse doesn't require many of the preservatives and alcohol, as well as detergents, which make powder cleanser a new-school choice for natural-prone cleansing products.

How to use powder cleanser?

The best part about powder cleanser is that it is customizable for every-time usage. The amount of water added to the powder cleanser decides the exfoliation intensity. There is no way cream, milk, or gel cleanser can do the same. Contact us!




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