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Face toner

Basic but necessary skincare product

A Secret skincare weapon.
Face toner is a water-based liquid to soften the stratum corneum and moisturize your skin. It is necessary for the skincare process since it could prepare your skin to drink up the post-cleansing moisturizer and other skin treatments you may apply.
The texture of toner
There are different types of toner to fit the needs of different kinds of skin. Also, the texture could be adjustable, thick, or light. Whether you want a heavy hydration lifting type toner or a light, fresh type toner, all is possible.

Different types of toner

In general, according to different functions or formulas, the toner can be divided into 4 kinds.
Skin freshener
This kind of toner aims to keep the skin moisture. For this purpose, it contains a high percentage of water and emollient, such as glycerin. The emollient, or humectant helps to lock the moisture in the skin and to avoid the moisture from evaporating. It may also contain a low percentage of alcohol to give the skin a refreshing feeling.
Skin tonics
To go further into this type of toner, it's better to know what role plays in the tonic in the skincare routine.

The purpose of the tonic is to re-cleansing the face after washing the face. Don't ever think cleansing gel or foam could return you to 100% clean skin. The tonic helps to remove the residue of the makeup and dirt that remains on the skin after washing.

This type of toner may contain a higher quantity of alcohol than the skin freshener. The percentage of alcohol might go up to 20%. And of course, water and emollient are always indispensable.
Acid toners
The purpose of this kind of toner is to exfoliate with a chemical method. There are normally two types of acid toners: alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid. The alpha-hydroxy acids toner is more suitable if you want to exfoliate the surface of the skin; on the contrary, the salicylic acid toner can penetrate the skin layer and make a deeper exfoliation.
This type of toner helps to clean skin, tighten pores, and dry out oil. Among all types of toners, this is the strongest form. Except for water and emollient, it contains a high proportion of alcohol.

Customized toner

Shero Cosmetics has various face toner formulas, including super hydration face toner, organic face toner, natural ingredients face toner, anti-acne face toner, special shiny powder face toner, etc.

We provide customized service with professional suggestions to choose the most appropriate face toner to fit your needs or help you create your formula face toner.

Would you like to select a thick texture toner? Ok, but how thick?
A creamy one? How creamy?
Would you want to add unique skincare ingredients? Or plant-based natural fragrance? What kind?
Or you're searching for specific ingredients? Let us help you with professional advice. Contact us!



Water-based liquid


Salicylic acid, AHA, Green tea, Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract, Aloe Vera, etc

Formulas Type

Can be customized for different functions and textures for different skin types

Skin Type

Oily skin types, Sensitive skin types, Dry skin types, Acne-prone skin types, etc.


Formulas, Fragrance, Texture, etc.