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Bar Soap

Cleansing Bar

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Cleansing Bar

Facial cleansing bar is making its come back!

Over the years, facial cleansing bar has gotten a bad reputation, but it is making its comeback! The bar soaps tended to have a bad rap for being drying, harsh, and a little bit boring. And now, there's a new generation facial cleansing bar that may make you reconsider your prejudices against the bar soap.

Unlike the old generation facial cleansing bar, the new generation one is included with nourishing ingredients, such as soothing facial oils, vitamins, and minerals to cater to every skin type and concern. Brands can also choose to go the extra mile by adding bells and whistles, such as whitening and gentle exfoliating agents to the formulas.

Different types of soap bar

Cold process soap & Hot process soap
The bar soap could be classified into two types according to its process: Cold process soap and Hot process soap.

Cold process soap heats from the inside out, whereas hot process soap heats from the outside in. The production time of cold process soap lasts for 4-6 weeks. On the other hand, hot process soap could be used almost immediately after it hardens.

The advantage of cold process soap compared to hot process soap is its final appearance. It looks cleaner and more polished than the hot process soap. Contact us!



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