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Cream and Lotion

Cream and lotion helps to keep the moisture and elasticity in the skin.

MUST HAVE product for skincare line!

Why do you need cream or lotion?
Like everyone, you would like to keep your skin moisturized and soft. Then, using cream and lotion becomes vital to keep the skin moisture and elasticity. Cream and lotion are composed of oily agents and watery agents. It can also help to reduce wrinkles, age spots, and other fine lines. Cream and lotion helps to penetrate deeper into your skin and help to repair it. The most important of all, cream and lotion acts as a protective barrier for your skin to keep the moisture. All of these reasons make lotion and cream so crucial for the skincare line products.
The difference between cream and lotion
You must have heard that cream and lotion are different. The actual answer is yes and no. According to the texture, the cream is thicker than lotion, which is true. But talking about the ingredients and function; they are almost the same. And because cream and lotion play an essential role in skincare process, the ingredients and effectiveness of the product are what we need to think about.

Different types of cream and lotion

According to the different functions of the cream, there exist serval types of cream for the different facial zones: facial cream, eye cream, and neck cream.

And for facial cream, it can be divided into two types, according to the applying time: day cream and night cream.

Personalize your own cream & lotion!

Personalize your cream and lotion by choosing your preferred ingredients and texture. Want to add natural essential oil and fragrance? Or would you like your cream and lotion vegan or cruelty-free? Do you prefer a more oily or more watery texture? Shero Cosmetics provides various facial cream and lotion formulas. Or if you want to personalize a unique one? Come to Shero Cosmetics! Our professional beauty team will help to make your imagination come true. Contact us!



Cream, Water Drop Cream, Watery Cream, Thick Cream, Light Cream, Lotion, Fluid Lotion


Can be customized

Product Types

Day cream, Night cream, Neck cream, Eye cream


Private label, White label