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  • Gua Sha Tool
  • Gua Sha Tool
Facial Sculptor

Gua Sha

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Gua Sha Tool

Facial Gua Sha is now all the rage.

Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha went viral!
Gua Sha has recently become super popular in the beauty industry. In May 2021, the number of #guasha has accumulated more than 432 million views on TikTok. People love it because of its various benefits to skincare, such as stimulating blood circulation, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, sculpting the face, etc.

Launch Gua Sha Tools

If you want to keep up with trends, why not add Gua Sha tools into your brand collection. Shero Cosmetics provides natural stone-made Gua Sha boards. We have various choices for the shape, such as heart, spoon, butterfly, square, etc. As for the color, we have green, pink, purple, black, etc. Pink is the most commonly seen color for Gua Sha boards out there. If you would like to differentiate your brand, why not try the Gua Sha board with a special shape and color? Contact us!


100% natural stone from Brazil


Heart, Square, Butterfly, Spoon, Comb, etc.


Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Green, etc.




Private label, White label