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  • Facial Sculptor Roller
  • Facial Sculptor Roller
Face Massage Roller

Facial Sculptor Roller

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Face roller is designed to massage the face with a smooth stone or metal surface. It could help to reduce puffiness and tighten the skin. Moreover, by rolling, this beauty tool can also help the skin absorb the skincare products with its pressure.


Shero provides 100% natural stone-made face massage rollers. According to the functions, the surface of the roller is either smooth or with a gear surface finish. The gear surface finish roller can help to get a deeper stimulation. The side of the roller stone is also choosable. And for the colors, we provide pink, green, purple, black, blue, etc. So choose the shape and the color you like to make a face massage roller only for your brand. Contact us!


100% natural stone from Brazil

Surface types

Smooth, Gear surface


Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Green, etc.




Private label, White label